Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reflections on my Friend's Visit

Last Sunday, my friend Tim from Bangkok came for a visit. We go way back, having met in Fiji in '79. Tim has stayed in touch with me through the years: seeing me play music in South Dakota, seeing my cabin before it burned down, seeing my baby boy and wife after the fire, and then having me visit him and his Thai wife Aoy in Thailand. in 1995. Since then, he and Aoy birthed three kids. The last time we saw each other was six years ago, about a year after my prison release.

His visit was way too short, four and a half hours, but ever so dear. True friends open my heart! After Tim left, it all seemed like a dream that he was even here. The next day at work, I thought about our friendship and what it means to me, all day. I feel so blessed to have him come so far to see me.It really made my work day, to say the least. He emailed me that he really enjoyed our simple dinner of steamed vegtables and rice. I thought about what Tim's diet is probably like. Living in Bangkok, he has some of the best food on the planet at his doorstep. And traveling on international business as he does, he gets wined and dined on god-only-knows-what at business parties and banquets, not to forget the airplane food too. That sounds like fun, but I'll stick with my simple diet right here at home.

Tim and his family would really like me to return to Thailand, but I don't see it happening any time soon, if at all. But maybe someday they will be able to come here and eat steamed vegs and rice with me in Colville. Tim will come through; he always does!