Monday, May 28, 2012


Well, after 40 years of listening to others advice, I've finally made the big decision to join the Dread Family. I now am on day number 4 of this ongrowing, labor intensive hair trip. My God, what did I get myself into? However, I already love the look, as dreadful as it appears at these early stages of growth. Each of my 34 Medusa snakes is different and I daily palm roll each one; praying for them to "lock". It takes about 3 months of this kind of tender care to get those rocking dreads that look cool later- like for the rest of my life. So now, it's very weird with the new appearance- I feel self conscious much of the time. But I do feel like a diffent person too, as these dreads do a real number on your head- literly!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Near Death Experience

I had another near death experience today, but not the kind you are probably thinking of. I thought that my beloved black Manx cat Olive had died, as she wasn't around yesterday, last night or this morning. She is very small, and coyotes and hawks are a part of her world, but unbeknownest to her. So when Olive didn't show up at feeding time this morning- as she always does, due to her voracious appetite- I knew something was amiss. It hit me in the heart, when I felt the deep emotions of just how very much I treasure this particular cat; she's my baby! Just the thought of losing her, triggered other sad memories of losing other pets, family members and loved ones. Then as I felt my heart breaking again, and being on the verge of crying over her, she suddenly appears out of nowhere like a little black shadow. Good God Olive, don't ever scare me again like that!
This is my third near death experience with my cats, as Baba and Maya have both disappeared in the past too, but always returning in their own good cat time. Cats! They are my teachers and my fur kids that have taught me so much about love."Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened". Anatole France        

Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Author's Karma

We all know about the law of karma; every action has a reaction. After nine years, Mariah, from my book, found me on Face Book and messaged me, "Are you still drunk?" If you've read about her, you know how dangerous she can be. Everything I wrote about her years ago still holds true. I wouldn't change a thing I said, except choose better adjectives to describe her. Anyway, she read what I wrote, and in her typical vindictive style, she wrote a scathing one star review on Amazon to slam me. This is my karma for being an author and writing something heavy about a very negitive person in my life. I totally accept my error. But I see Mariah hasn't changed at all in the past ten years. I know I have, because I laugh at her reaction now and don't let her upset me, where once I would have been fighting again with her- exactly what she wants me to do! Both Mariah and my deceased mother thrieve on the adreneline rush of fights and negitive encounters. I must say she is a great writer, much better than I; maybe she should write a book, instead of only negitive reviews that only mirror her anger and jealousy over somebody who has greater discipline than her. She displays all the behavior of a bi-polar person. I pray she seeks treatment in 2012.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My New Songs

I just recorded 13 new songs, which can be heard at or under my name, Rob Rideout. I'm quite proud of these songs. It's just me and my guitar, as I recorded them for my agent to pitch my lyrics. However, after hearing them, I'm tempted to release a CD of them in this raw version and maybe title it, "Alone".

Friday, December 2, 2011

More About Babaji

Recently this picture of Babaji has been on Youtube and Facebook. I first saw this picture in 1994 at Babaji's ashram in Haidakhan. I was told by Har Govind, the Swiss doctor who was acting as pugari at the sacred fire, that an American took this photo during a vision of Babaji. Swami Vishwananda claims it came from Badrinath and that all true Babaji devotees have one. Is this the Babaji that nodody ever really sees? He certainly looks other-worldly! Maybe this is the Babaji who appeared as His living murti in Haidakhan Babaji. Who konws? Still, I am fascinated by the continual mystery of Babaji. I've always been a devotee of Babaji, in all forms, since first reading about Him in 1971.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The First Snow

Today, November 17, 2011 we got our first snowfall of about five inches here in Colville, WA. It was beautiful to wake up to the quiet, and then look out the window at the new fresh white powder. Snow seems to have a spiritual power to it, covering all with its immense statement that winter is upon us. I love snow; the common denominator that we all have to deal with, ever reminding us to be alert and cautious, to avoid an accident. Last year the snow and black ice took out my car. So this year, I plan to be extra cautious and hopefully avoid any accidents. As I'm now "retired", I stay at home much more anyway. So that alone should reduce my odds of an accident- hopefully! Now the sun is shinging on the virgin snow, making sunglasses a must! I got the walk ways and back deck all shoveled off. It's a start anyway and gives me some exercise. And as I look out my window now, I see cat tracks in the snow. Olive and Baba are out there already hunting for mice, regardless of the snow. So let's enjoy the beauty that snow brings; it's the only choice I see!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Focus Group Feedback to My Song

Recently I exposed my song, I've Got To Let You Go to a focus group on for feedback. Here are some of the comments that I received:

"This is a little too dragging for me. I understand it's a slow piece, but its too repetitive and plain to keep my attention. I like the vocals but wish the track matched the more mature and somewhat rough timbre of the male voice. Nice recording quality though."
"Reminds me of Sinatra."
"No it doesn't. I find it quite boring."
"This is a slow and sweet song."
"The lyrics are so great! I love it. Although it may be sad, I really want to listen this again-a good product!"
"I really like this song! Its got a great feeling to it! Very nice work :=) It definitely touches in many ways!"
  "This song gets you very emotional. The lyrics have great meanings. It is a very beautiful song."
"It was a likeable song but nothing special about it."
"The song really needs different vocals or better vocals. The lyrics are awesome, but the production needs work. The simple lyrics are great and something not heard enough on radio today. The song needs to be longer - maybe add a bridge and/or instrumental. Some piano would be great."
"The singer's voice reminds me of John Mahoney, the actor that played Dr. Frazier Crane's dad on the TV show Frazier."
Well, there you have it. I personally don't care for the last two comments, but I respect their constuctive criticism just the same. You have to develop a tough skin to put yourself out there as I've been doing in trying to promote my book and CD. Everybody has their own opinion; that is just life!