Thursday, November 17, 2011

The First Snow

Today, November 17, 2011 we got our first snowfall of about five inches here in Colville, WA. It was beautiful to wake up to the quiet, and then look out the window at the new fresh white powder. Snow seems to have a spiritual power to it, covering all with its immense statement that winter is upon us. I love snow; the common denominator that we all have to deal with, ever reminding us to be alert and cautious, to avoid an accident. Last year the snow and black ice took out my car. So this year, I plan to be extra cautious and hopefully avoid any accidents. As I'm now "retired", I stay at home much more anyway. So that alone should reduce my odds of an accident- hopefully! Now the sun is shinging on the virgin snow, making sunglasses a must! I got the walk ways and back deck all shoveled off. It's a start anyway and gives me some exercise. And as I look out my window now, I see cat tracks in the snow. Olive and Baba are out there already hunting for mice, regardless of the snow. So let's enjoy the beauty that snow brings; it's the only choice I see!

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