Saturday, December 31, 2011

An Author's Karma

We all know about the law of karma; every action has a reaction. After nine years, Mariah, from my book, found me on Face Book and messaged me, "Are you still drunk?" If you've read about her, you know how dangerous she can be. Everything I wrote about her years ago still holds true. I wouldn't change a thing I said, except choose better adjectives to describe her. Anyway, she read what I wrote, and in her typical vindictive style, she wrote a scathing one star review on Amazon to slam me. This is my karma for being an author and writing something heavy about a very negitive person in my life. I totally accept my error. But I see Mariah hasn't changed at all in the past ten years. I know I have, because I laugh at her reaction now and don't let her upset me, where once I would have been fighting again with her- exactly what she wants me to do! Both Mariah and my deceased mother thrieve on the adreneline rush of fights and negitive encounters. I must say she is a great writer, much better than I; maybe she should write a book, instead of only negitive reviews that only mirror her anger and jealousy over somebody who has greater discipline than her. She displays all the behavior of a bi-polar person. I pray she seeks treatment in 2012.


  1. Just a little more about the writer?

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