Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Early Thoughts on Retirement

I'm still accepting being quote, "retired". It has been a month now, since I lost my job. I've decided to live off of my Social Security benefits and, hopefully, Unemployment benefits, while receiving food stamps too as my retirement. This isn't the kind of retirement I pictured, but it's my start anyway. It's my start to relaxing- about life, God and myself. When your job is gone and you are home alone, then you must face who you are now, not who you used to be when you worked. I see now, I have all the time I need to recreate who I really want to be. I am faced with doing the real spiritual work of watching my thoughts daily. Now I have the time to find part-time work that I might enjoy to suppliment my income, instead of just accepting any job to stay alive. We all have choices to make, of course, but with all this free time and space in front of me now, I feel I'm more conscious of some of the choices I make. After working hard my whole life, now it's time to live and savor life; without guilt that I should be working like everyone else. I've done that, but this is all new! These are just some early reflections on my retirement, nothing more.

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