Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miracle of the heart

Last night, at minus 17 degrees, my beloved young cat Olive is not to be found. The other cats, Baba and Maya, feel my concern and are looking out the windows for her. I have a gut level feeling that either the coyotes or the bald eagles took my Olive. Then, I breakdown crying over just how very much I love this small spirit cat. I have had many cats in my 61 years and none come close to Olive! I felt like a person had just died and I began to cry out to God, asking why I had to lose her? I realized how attached I'd become to this fur soul. Attachment is the cause of all suffering, to quote the Buddha. How true! I lay in bed still praying and still crying, and thanking God for my time with Olive. Then, she suddenly appears on my pillow, letting me hold and pet her, as the reality set in that she is alive, back in my arms again. The miracle here was the intense opening of my heart that occurred from this "near fatal" happening. Boy, I have a lot of love for my cats but I'm more aware now that they are only on loan from God and must go back at some point; all things must pass away.

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