Sunday, July 3, 2011

Casting Call for "Survivor"

I've decided to do it- go to the casting call for Survivor that is being held this coming Friday @ Northern Quest Casino near Spokane airport. I'm sure many hopefuls will show up, just like me but much younger. However, only 100 names will be pulled on KREM news @ 5:30, for interviews; so to me, it is really up to fate or God. But I'm going just the same, in hopes that my name will be drawn or one of the Survivor staff will somehow pick up on me. Hell, I AM a survivor, to say the least! And the oppertunity to have this audition show up in my own backyard doesn't happen everyday. I'm also a firm believer in synchronicity, so armed with my survivor's tale, Still Singing, Somehow and my CD of survival songs, I'll drive the two hours south this Friday to see what destiny holds. Who knows? I just might make it. Wouldn't that be an incredable life changer?

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