Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Naked Truth About My Book Cover

I recently became aware that the cover of my book, Still Singing, Somehow, and the cover of the CD of the same title that accompanies it, has made some people feel uncomfortable; all because of my quote "nakedness"! How I am viewed here as "naked" is beyond me. It looks like I have no shirt, granted, but naked? It makes me question the perception of those offended. John Lennon was totally naked on the cover of his album, Naked Virgins. Now that's bare naked.
Just to set the record straight, this cover picture of me was taken by a Frenchman named Alexis with my camera on the sacred bathing day at the 1995 Kumbha Mela in Allahahbad, India; right after I walked out of the Ganges River. Just to be at that gig, is the equivilant of a thousand other pilgramages. To bathe on the astrologically predicted sacred bathing day, increases that ten fold! That camera image was copied and super-imposed into the river mountain scene that graces my book's cover today. This new image strongly resembles the way to Haidakhan and Babaji's ashram, or the Nooksac River flowing off Mount Baker, where I grew up. I was in a very high spiritual place when this photo was taken. This is a picture of Hari Om, my spiritual name and self. I'm sorry if it offends anybody. I'm totally naked inside the book, so you make up your own minds if I'm naked on the cover!

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