Sunday, July 10, 2011

My CD Release Party

My CD Release Party for "Still Singing, Somehow" at Northern Ales Brewery in Kettle Falls turned ot really well. The three musicians backing me, Mark, Terry and F, played my songs with a lot of energy and feeling, producing a profound sound. Hilary Ohm video fimed most of the gig and had my song going out for Wille Nelson up on FaceBook the next day! Hopefully, if enough friends pass on the YouTube link about this song, "The Party is in my Mind" to their friends, Willie just might find it somehow. This gig was the very first time I have ever had other musicians playing my songs along with me. It felt incredable! I never knew my songs could sound so powerful, as I'm so used to playing them alone to the cats. Just type my name, Rob Rideout, in on YouTube to see "This one goes out to Willie."

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  1. Did you make the cut, are we going to see you on Survivor?